SGA Organising a Blackjack Tournament to Raise Funds

Playing games is a good way to have fun and transfer information from one person to another. The Games in Scotland are one of such games used to transfer information about history to the next generation. These games have various links to the different aspects of the Scottish history. The event is now held as an annual event in the summer. It is now known as the “highland games.” This game is governed by the Scottish Games Authority (SGA).

The Scottish Games Association


The SGA is the governing body of the highland games. It represents over 60 Highland Games in Scotland. It is also affiliated with overseas members in Canada, Australia and so on. This organization sets the rules that any competition involving traditional Scottish games will work with. The traditional Scottish games include Heavyweight games, Highland Dancing, Solo Piping, Pipe Bands, Tug of War, Wrestling and Light Field games. It also keeps the records and updates them when a new record is set.

This governing body is celebrating its 60-year anniversary. As it normally does, it is set to organize a fair as part of the celebration. The fair will feature various activities including gambling on the outcomes of the events at the fair and a blackjack tournament.

Blackjack Tournament as a Fundraiser

scottish SHGA fundraiser

The aim of this fair is to raise funds for the organization. The organization has laid out plans to help improve itself and benefits its members. The funds raised will offset some expenses. The blackjack tournament is an accumulation styled tournament. Although it is a tournament, players are expected to be free, chat with each other and maintain a friendly environment during the competition instead of a very competitive one.

The entry fee is £50 with a £1500 reward for first place and a £2000 price pool to accommodate the runner-up. The tournament involves two rounds each producing two winners. There are no current limits to the available seats but rumors have it that SGA is working with 140 players. Due to the COVID-19 regulations, this may be an online live blackjack tournament.

If there is a relaxation of the restrictions at the proposed time of the tournament, it will be a physical fair and a physical blackjack tournament.

Blackjack Expert to Facilitate the Tournament

blackjack wallpaper for highland games

This tournament is not exactly a tournament; it is more of a fundraiser. Scottish Games Association is expecting lots of amateur players. To ensure the game remains fair, the association will be inviting Mr. Shane Hennessey. He is a blackjack and games expert as well as a professional writer at He has been churning out quality contents on gambling for years now. His experience and ability to gather information from multiple sources have contributed to the contents of his articles on gambling.

He will be tutoring the players and giving them tips on blackjack basic strategy. The aim of this exercise is to ensure that the players are well grounded. The training will be done over a number of practice sessions. The sessions will also help them differentiate between the accumulation styled blackjack from the elimination blackjack. There are rumors the players may be grouped according to how they perform at the practice sessions but nothing has been confirmed.

Last modified: 12 March 2021